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Why Risk It

Feasibility studies help your understand a projects requirements better. Realize more realistic basis for cost and schedule estimates.  The studies also give you a chance to try something creative with out having the entire project resting on the outcomes. Projects doomed to fail can be cancelled early in development.  Feasibility studies are quick and easy when you don’t have the time or money.

Studying and trying out ideas through a feasibility study before committing to a cost and schedule can reduce project risk.  Possible questions to answer to measure risk are:  What would happen if we…..? and Would it be possible to…?

Feasibility Studies is one option to help you minimize risk from the beginning.  Feasibility studies seek to asses if  an approach or a tool can solve a customer problem within a realistic  cost and time.  Start by defining the requirements.  Next determine if a business case to use the approach can be made if the feasibility study yields positive results based on need and strategic alignment.

Create a procedure that allows you to test utility of the approach or tool you are considering.  Establish measurement criteria and a comparable baseline measure.  Also create a schedule with milestones to know how you are progressing. Keep good documentation of the process and any problems that may arise. Consider the scalability of things as they grow and get more complex.

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Sorry no not your vacation time but your co-workers.  Vacation time can be a stressful time for everyone in the office.  Having to pick up a co-workers tasks during this time can become overwhelming.  In these times there is always a strategy you can follow to help you stay on top of things so you don’t fall behind.

Start off by identifying yours and your co-workers priorities.  Remain focused on must do priorities.  Write down low priorities that way they are not forgotten and can be handled once resource levels are back to normal.

Delegate, delegate, delegate around the office don’t over do it and try to handle everything yourself.  Find out what everyone in the office is doing to see if they can take some of your load.  For example if you have a meeting to go to but another co-worker is going have them update you on the meeting so you can work on something else.  Asking for help is always an option.  Outside help might be an option, temporary worker or a vendor may be able to handle some of your tasks.  Help is always there you just have to find it.

Another thing to take into account is how long is this vacation 1-2 weeks.  You could stay late or skip lunch but don’t abuse it.  Truth is you need all your energy to be able to handle all the extra work.  Skipping lunch for 2 weeks will take it’s tole on you.  Organize and plan to get things done while giving yourself the time to take a brief stretch around the office or a nice walk outside.

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Always Look to the Positive When Moving on

As  a young professional, I have never liked to change jobs often.  I remember my first job I lasted 5 years, and my most recent job I have been there almost 3years.  The time has come for me to move up in my career and say good bye to my present job.  How do you say good bye to 3years of memories and hard work?

A job is a job and I could sit here and dwell on all the negative things about my job but instead I have decided to concentrate on the positive aspects.  Working 11 hour shifts including a 1 hour lunch can be very difficult. It leads to a really long day, I’m taking this experience and using it to my advantage. Moving up into a salaried position means you don’t leave until the job is done. Working rough hours day in day out has prepared me for those tough days.

My job was repetitious and easy so I always looked for volunteer work to spice up my experience. Large corporations often have special interest committees that required great leadership and communication skills. I joined 2 committees at my current job to hep me network among employees outside of my department.  These opportunities have helped me develop professionally.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how easy a job is you still need to prove that you can complete the easy tasks in order to be given and opportunity to do more difficult tasks.

The most difficult part of leaving a current position is saying good bye to all your great coworkers.  It’s always a tear filled event for me saying goodbye to all those people that have held my hand through out  the years to make sure we succeeded together.  Don’t forget to say good bye to upper management and everyone who made a difference in your daily work life.  Below is a good guide line to follow when turning in your resignation.

  • Always give 2 weeks notice so that the company has a chance to hire someone new and plan for changes
  • Don’t brag about your new job
  • Don’t tell anyone off who has made your job hell, remember you won’t be dealing with them anymore
  • Be sure to thank management for all the training and opportunities to develop (face to face or through email)
  • Never talk negative about past employers
  • Don’t leave any open ends

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As a young business professional I was never taught the skill of salary negotiation.  Just recently I attended a seminar and learned that on average a women will make $1,200,000 million  dollars less than a male coworker with the exact same skill set.  The gap gets wider when compared to Latino women.  Being a Latino women I began to think to myself why this could be so. Is it the businesses fault for being discriminatory or is it the individuals  fault.

I am first generation born in the United States.  I remember living in a beat up mobile home.  Our family didn’t even own a car and sure enough when I turned 16 I started working.  My life was absorbed by school, sports and work.  I think back to how I did it and I don’t think I could do it again.  I use my life as an example to show how hard individuals work to make it in the US and to find the answer to this growing wage gap.

I feel that having experienced the worse,  juggling  a  low paying  job and attending school  has made me vulnerable.  Vulnerable in the sense that I’m going to settle for the first offer that’s offered to me because its better than anything I’ve had in the past.  No one should ever have to settle.   I think that as a group many Latinos & Women  in the same generation as me or before me have felt this.  They have worked hard to educate themselves to move up and live the American Dream they were promised.   I believe that the wage gap exist because as a group we settle for the first offer given to us.  Bellow is a list of tips to help close the ever growing wage gap among  Men, Women & Minorities.

  • Know your worth and the worth of  the job you are being offered.
  • Don’t accept the job write away give yourself sometime to think about it.
  • Remember the employer made you the offer they want you.
  • Create a budget, will your salary be enough.
  • Never be the first to mention a salary amount, if asked answer:  I would like to learn more about the position first.  I was wondering what you think the job is worth. or I would like to be paid fairly for what I bring to the position.

A wage gap exist today because women  & minorities are settling for less.  Always negotiate and don’t be afraid to ask if it’s possible to be offered more.  I advise any individual looking for a job to search online there is a wealth of information to set you in the right direction.  Negotiate don’t settle no manager is going to offer you all he’s got.

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