Maximizing Project Meetings

Meetings, your not out of one when your already in another. In order to have a successful, productive meeting always have and agenda.  Plan ahead so that all the required team members are available to attend.  Give at least 48 hours notice or longer depending on on the scale of the project.  When it comes to scheduling keep in mind your intended participants and how busy they may be.

Stay one step ahead, know what will members need to  bring and notify them of any work needed before the meeting.  This will help make the meeting most productive.  Compose an outlined agenda that everyone one has access to that includes the following points:

  • Introduction
  • Update
  • The plan
  • Action items
  • Other business

Provide everyone at the meeting a chance to provide their opinion on the topics that were discussed.  As a project manager send out a summary to those who may not have been able to attend and to everyone that did attend.  Follow through so that your meeting is not wasted.  Keep in touch with members and assure that everyone understood the action items.  Hold a follow up meeting within a given time frame so everyone can review prior and future action items.

Meetings take up most of our daily work time for professionals sometimes its a wonder anything else gets done.  Hopefully the advice above helps guide everyone in and out  of meetings so they can move  on and accomplish more.

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