Top Trends in Project Management

Along with 2011 came new trends in the field of Project Management.  Changes surround  Project Management as it gains acceptance as a discipline.  I will focus on 5 of the newest trends for 2011 that will affect the success of future Project Managers.

Leadership skills- An old trend with a new level of importance.  In 2011 Project Managers will need to master their core competencies of skills in critical thinking, communication and change management.  These skills are crucial to being on time on budget for assigned projects.

Competency Models-  Company specific competency models will be used in hiring, assignments, promotions, and professional development of  Project Managers.  These models will illuminate the behaviors required for project managers to be successful and take on larger more complex projects.

Experiential Learning- Professional development of Project Manger’s will be more on the job training.  Training courses and programs will need to be more relevant based of real projects in order for Project Manager’s to be successful in the live business world.

Informal Learning- Organizations will develop informal learning approaches such as communities of practice, social media, coaching, and mentoring.  Learning will be conducted through technologies and approaches such as wikis, blogs, video, podcast and other sources.

Outsourcing- Continued growth of outsourcing will cause organizations to pay more attention to risk and the due diligence process.  Forcing organizations to strengthen their risk management cultures and recognize the value of best practices.

In this economic down turn the skills needed and held by many Project Managers will be sought for by companies.

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  1. #1 by rtomsaxton on April 18, 2011 - 7:36 PM

    Great article! I feel the experiential section is extremely beneficial not only for project managers, but for all types of managers

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