The Redudant Process

Working in project management there are set process that individuals must follow to reach the desired outcomes.  I know we’ve all been there following a tedious process in which several steps can be taken out and still the desired outcome would be the same.  Project after project you follow the sames steps and nothing ever changes if you do try to take out a step your boss scolds you.  Well its time to speak up, sit down and review the process with your manager to make everyone  more productive.

Once again one of the most important factors in project management is good communication.  You can’t just take out a step and expect your boss to be okay with it.  The best way to handle this situation is to hold a short meeting with your boss and explain why the step is not necessary and how it will improve the process overall.  As the Project Manager no one knows the process better than you.  Your boss has a job to and they my not have the time to review processes that you do.  So be a team player and point out any needed updates.

In the end the desired outcome is always more important than the process itself.  Bellow is  a list of steps to follow to help keep your processes up to date:

  • Review regularly and remove all redundant steps
  • Have upper management approve, provide reasoning for this desired change
  • Make sure the desire outcome is the same after the process is changed

Please add to my list of way to streamline processes and make everyone’s work day more productive.

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  1. #1 by Michelle Fox on April 11, 2011 - 10:34 PM

    Great article, Thank you for sharing this great tips.

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