When managing a team as a Project Manager, who owns a problem when it arises?  Is it the person who noticed it first or perhaps the one believed to have caused the problem.  Your working as a team therefore  everyone one has some responsibility when something goes wrong.

What is a problem?  A problem is any error or malfunction that needs to be corrected.  Problems have different levels of technicality and should be handled by the correct person.  A level of severity and priority should be give to the problem.  Make sure problem is assigned to someone who will be able to address it.  As a Project Manager if you will not be directly handling the problem yourself, be sure to follow closely and be aware of how it is being addressed.

Quick steps to managing problems:

–  Have a plan of action, to figure out how severe an issue is and how to best decide who will address the issue.

– Have a centralized reporting system like excel.

– Always assign a team member to handle the issue directly.

-Follow up make sure issue is taken care of and handled correctly.

When a problem  is found it is important to Maintain communication with your team members.  Manage, that the problem is being handled by the right person and keep track of who was assigned to the problem and how long it took to address it.  Focus and attention need to be given to the problem before it gets out of hand. Never play the blame game remember you are a team and everyone is responsible for the success  of the project.

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