Building the Right Team

When working on large scale projects that will require many resources  and an extended period of time to complete, it is important to have the right team.  Keeping a project within its scope and time line can be accomplished by putting together the right team of dedicated professionals.

One project can have multiple tasks.  The best way to have a compatible team is to rotate tasks. That way the whole team is cross trained and knows how to handle any situation that has the potential of getting out of control.  It is a good Idea to be involved in your teams training that way you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals.  This will allow for employees to get the proper training they need without overlap.

Listen to your teams concerns and be sure to follow up with a concrete answer.  Many supervisory rolls will listen to and employees concerns and not follow up  with guidance.

A team can be well trained and get the job down but you also have to set up the work envirement.  When building a team it is imprtant to choose individuals who work will with others.  A project will run more smoothly in a positive envirement.  Be ready to remove individuals who just aren’t fitting in with the team.

I have started up a list of helpful hints to building a successful team. Please feel free to reply to my post and share your ideas.

  • Match individuals to their strengths
  • Provide cross training
  • Give the guidance that is requested
  • Have focused training sessions targeting a team members weakness
  • Pick individuals with people skills who like working with others

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