To Do List

In the field of Project Management many things can go wrong.  You may have to handle big or small project but that doesn’t mater because the process is the same for both. A small project can be just as much work as a large project.  The bigger the project the more possiblitly for things to go wrong.  Good communication and leadership can help minimize problems before they get out of hand.  Below is a list to follow to help point you in the wright direction to becoming a successful Project Manager.

  • Take responsibly for your actions and use the power you have at your finger tips
  • Make sure your decisions are concrete and won’t be making a lot of changes
  • Try to give specific odds and probabilities, stay away from ambiguous answers
  • If you disagree, state your position directly from the get go
  • Make sure you schedule spreadsheet is correct and up to date so that anyone that views it maybe able to follow it
  • All your personal vacation should be planned  a head of time, do not take any surprise vacations that could mess up a project schedule
  • Accept meeting request immediately and be sure attend, no last minute cancellations
  • Try to replace long email  threads with  short phone conversations
  • Maintain project scope, be aware of   time lines  on schedule, and know who your stakeholders are
  • Remember  the customer is always right

Please feel free to share your ideas and add o my list.

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