Million $$$ Project

What would you do if your manager told you to handle a million dollar project?

The most money I’ve ever handled for a project is $25 dollars a month.  Taking care of a million dollar project could be overwhelming in this situation but  for me its a challenge, a thrill.  I like  to learn by getting my hands dirty and learning from my mistakes.  With a Million $$$ project there is no room for failure either the projects a success or your out.  There’s also no time for mistakes. Large projects come  with lots of  responsibility.

In a situation like this I would use all the resources around me to assure the  success of the project.  Perhaps the most important skill to manage a Million $$$ project would be great communication. Luckily some of the pressure would be lifted off me by my team members.  I would tern to them for support and direction.  Great communication is key among team members to assure the success of  any project.

Next I would make sure that everything was under control. Timeliness were on track and scope was being met.  Organization and tracking is key to the success of large projects.  Never ever weight for the last minute to complete a task .  Also make sure you prioritize task according importance and due date.  A good way to keep track of  a projects  progress is by building a ghant chart to outline the different tasks and due dates.

Finlay any project with great leadership and collaboration will definitely be a success.

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