Experience Required

I remember when I first graduated college,  I thought I could get any job I wanted. So when I graduated instead of getting a job right away I decided to travel. I visited over 7 countries in the span of 2 years, everything was great.

Then I had a reality check.  I felt like I had spent 5 years of my life trying to get my bachelors and here I was stuck at a low paying  job as a cake decorator.  How could this be happening to me all I needed to be successful in life was a good college education. I quickly learned that it takes more than a degree to get your dream job.  Many employers hire according to work experience.

All through college I had been so busy taking a full load of classes and working to pay the bills that I never took the time apply for internships or volunteer opportunities that could add value to my degree.

At first I took an entry level position with a large corporation in hopes of moving up fast.  Then the economy tanked and everyone around me was getting laid off. I was to the point to where I was just glad I had a job.  At first I didn’t really care about the quality of my work.  This was just a job to get me by.

A year passed by and nothing. Every time I had an interview to move up within the company I made it to the final 3 choices but someone else always had more experience than me.  I evaluated my situation and realized how can someone else want to hire me when my current quality of work is not what it can be.  I wasn’t proving to anyone that I could do this simply entry level position why should I be promoted.

I learned form some of great coworkers to always give 100% at any job you do because past experiences will stay with you.  When future employers ask for references.  I reevaluated my current position and realized what I did and didn’t like about the job.  The job was monotonous and some of the people around me had negative attitudes that I had begun to pick up.  To fix this situation I decided to sit away from negative coworkers and volunteer for committees offered within the department.

At first it was hard here I was doing all this extra work and it felt like I was getting nothing for it.  I had been in this position for 2 years with out a raise do to the economy.  This year we got lucky and I was so excited I was getting a raise but when I found out how much my raise was I felt like I had been slapped in the face.  I was upset for the rest of the day.  The next day I new that the only way to move up and get where I wanted to be in my career was to continue to work hard.  Eventually my hard work paid off  and I did receive a promotion within the department.

Remember even though your current job isn’t giving you the experience you need talk to your boss and see if there’s anything you can do help that may look good on your resume in the future.  Taking up committees working in groups and growing projects has helped me gain some valuable tips for my career aspirations in project management.

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  1. #1 by Martin Webster on March 6, 2011 - 2:38 PM

    An interesting post. What you have demonstrated is to (i) set personal goals and be true to them, (ii) have a positive attitude, and (iii) bounce back when things don’t go as well as you hoped. A good idea keeping away from those “mood Hoovers”!

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