The Key to Project Management









A Project Manager is responsible for managing the resources of large projects ranging from:

1. Managing large Software Development projects

2. Networking projects

3. IT installations or conversions,

4. Any other function in business and technology that require coordination

The Project Manager is responsible for making sure a project is completed upon the decided due date while managing restraints such as time, money, people and materials. The project must then be completed to meet desired expectations.

Project Managers usually use Project Management Software to help keep track of resources and outputs.  The software helps document the project objectives, status, time lines and expected outcomes.  Software includes:

1. Microsoft Project

2. 24Seven Office

3. OmniPlan

4. Others

To start understanding project management you first have to lay the foundation.  Project management basic principals can be applied to large variety of  projects.  ‘To begin the team must have good communication in order to meet objectives.  Things to take into account when working on a project are the team, activities, resources, financials  and the  use of project management tools.  Inform anyone that may have  interest in the project. Encourage and enable the project team while making minor adjusts of project plans, as needed so the scope is not lost.  At the end of the project review and report the project performance. Monitor the project once its complete to make sure the full benefits are felt by those it may have affected.

Basic guideline to follow

1.  Agree on specifications of the project, scope

2.  Plan the project

3.  Communicate with team

4.   Assign designated tasks to each member

5.  Manage and motivate

6. Review project progress

7. Complete project

8. Follow up

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  1. #1 by Zachary Vernal on February 21, 2011 - 11:21 AM

    Very Interesting read Marisela. I do a lot of Project Management work at my job and you are pretty spot on with the overall description. Because I work at Microsoft, we use MS Project 2010 for 99% of our PM work. It is a great tool and highly recommend it for your PM needs.

  2. #3 by Russell Aaron on February 22, 2011 - 11:32 AM

    Great article. I think it’s the “Basics” where I always seem to go wrong. Funny how by not following the principles we can get off track on projects!

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