Don’t Cut Yourself Short

What do I mean when I say don’t cut yourself short in the world of Project Management?

When I first noticed my interest in Project Management  I had no idea how I would get into the field because I felt like I had no work experience in that area.  I had an interview for a product specialist position and to my great surprise when the interviewer got to the question about my experience in project management the interviewer basically skipped it.  She simply state you attended the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) and received a degree in business.  I simply answered “Yes” and my requirement for project management was fulfilled. I quickly realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t have any experience in project management but that I just hadn’t worn the title.  I guess the company I was interviewing for had other UNR students working for them with great project management skills.  My association with the University had paid off.

When I got home I started thinking of all the projects I had completed during my time at the University and in my current work position.  To graduate with my degree I needed 126 credits and as far back as I can remember pretty much every class required and individual project or a group project.  All this time I had been working on a skill and I took it for granted because I was naturally good at it.

Project Management is a very vague term so its very important to do your research before you go in for an interview.  I’ve noticed that some project management positions are very technical like something an engineer might take on but there’s also lots of business skills that are required.

Simply remember don’t cut yourself shot. If anyone else has any ideas or would like to share how they gained experience in the field of project management please comment on my blog.

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